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Why is Avast  antivirus most popular security software out of all?
Avastantivirus is the most popular of all as it has proved itself as the most user friendly software available in the market so far. This anti-virus has always kept its primary focus on removal of unwanted elements fromthe system. It has always been very easy for the user to install, update, reinstall or uninstall or running the software on the system. The features that are added to this antivirus almost on a daily basis are added for the fulfillmentof its only motive of keeping the system free of all types of malware spywares viral attacks and harmful worms, so that none of the Avast users suffer loss of their important and sensitive data stored in the system. Few smart features of Avast are as follows – 1-Best virus and infections detecting speed 2-Perfect compatibility with almost every version of windows 3-Best technical services provided as and when needed
Avast has not built Rome for itself in a day, to make its sta…
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Instant fix for avast black screen and start-up issues

It is possible to encounter issues like a black screen when you try to restart your system. Or, you may find yourself stuck between your antivirus and your device that refuse to recognize each other. This will lead to Avast’s failure of scanning your device. Another issue can be that even though Avast scans successfully, a pop-up message arrives on your screen nonetheless. There are several steps that can be implemented to resolve this error. Here, we will talk about some of the simpler steps that can be carried out by a non-professional without much hassle. If the user needs proper remote assistance then should connect at Avast Antivirus Issue. How do you remove a Black Screen Error? Users have also faced an issue with Avast Windows 10 where installing Avast on Windows 10 causes them to see a black screen on their desktop. This is an uncommon problem, but we still have a solution for you in case you are facing this problem. In the taskbar, select the Avast icon and enter into the use…

Can I use Avast on more than one computer?

Avast antivirus is running in the market as one of the securities providing software from a time period of more than 30 years now.  Over the years this software has earned for itself a great reputation. This reputation has been earned on the basis of the easy to use features and also on the basis of its user-friendly design. But, being a technical product even if at some point this software gets you into any technical glitch or error then you can turn to the trained and skilled panel of experts sitting at Avast support number UK. The issue will be given the easiest and the earliest resolution. The experts are capable enough to handle all the problems be it related to installation or any other technical problem that the user finds himself stuck into. However here in this blog, we will discuss how a user can use one antivirus software on more than one computer for that – First of all, one needs to insert the one license key obtained into each and every machine that is to be used.Then si…

How to fix Avast error occurred during uninstallation?

For fixing Avast error occurred during installation, open the control panel then go to programs further click on “programs and features” then from the list select “Avast free antivirus” click uninstall then click “repair” or click on “update” button and then try to get the software removed, if still the issue continues then get the Avast uninstall utility downloaded and run it on the system as you see the tool prompting then run it in “safe mode” further click “yes” then click on the uninstall and wait for the process to complete once the procedure completes then get the system restarted.

How to fix “unable to load policy” error while installing Avast?

If you are facing issues while installing Avast antivirus on your system and you are dealing with the above mentioned error then for resolving that, get the windows firewall disabled completely further get the latest service pack and also all the latest windows update installed on the system, after that get your device restarted and then again get your antivirus installed. If you still find yourself stuck with the same error then ask help from the experts.

How to disable Avast pop up and notifications?

Avast antivirus is known for protecting the systems from a long time period of more than decades, this security providing software is very easy to use and operate but also is very advanced in terms of features and technologies. Therefore there are some features that the users are often seen unaware of or at times they fail to figure out the proper using criteria of the same features. If in case you do not want Avast to disturb you with regular pop ups and notifications then all you need to do is disable the feature from the software. Here further we will discuss how one can get this pop up feature disabled – 1-To disable voice messages –go to settings then go to ‘’general ‘’ in the menu click ‘’ sounds’’ then uncheck ‘’use voice over sounds’’ 2-To avoid selected notifications – go to ‘’settings’’ click ‘’general ‘’ then from the menu click ‘’sounds’’ after that uncheck the notifications that you want to avoid. 3-To avoid all sounds – In order to put your antivirus into complete sile…

What to do Avast free installation is stuck at 97 percent?

Avast is antivirus software that is preferred by many system users around the globe, it is very much appreciated for its technical set up and advanced features. The technical set up and advanced features further provide the users with the efficient performance of the software in terms of protection of the systems from various malware, spyware Trojans and other dangerous unwanted harmful elements.
But these same technologies and features sometimes do make it difficult for the users to understand and handle the software if somehow it gets stuck with some or the other technical error or issue. Avast antivirus though is seen creating more of issues mainly related to installation process.
If a user is not from a technical background or is not very sound with the knowledge of techniques then for that person the best option is to ask help from the team of trained experts sitting at the Avast help desk as and when he or she needs to start the installation process of the software. In order to…

Avast Antivirus Error Support Number

Avast is antivirus software that keeps the system safe from all types of malware spyware Trojans and many more such other threats that can harm the systems and the data stored in those systems. But for the efficient performance of the antivirus, it is necessary to keep them safe and sound as far as the technical aspects are concerned because if in case the software will not be installed or handled accurately then it will not be able to perform accordingly. For the same one should connect at Avast support number UK.