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How to fix Avast error occurred during uninstallation?

For fixing Avast error occurred during installation, open the control panel then go to programs further click on “programs and features” then from the list select “Avast free antivirus” click uninstall then click “repair” or click on “update” button and then try to get the software removed, if still the issue continues then get the Avast uninstall utility downloaded and run it on the system as you see the tool prompting then run it in “safe mode” further click “yes” then click on the uninstall and wait for the process to complete once the procedure completes then get the system restarted.

How to fix “Unable to load policy” Error while Installing Avast?

If you are facing issues while installing Avast antivirus on your system and you are dealing with the above mentioned error then for resolving that, get the windows firewall disabled completely further get the latest service pack and also all the latest windows update installed on the system, after that get your device restarted and then again get your antivirus installed. If you still find yourself stuck with the same error then ask help from the experts.