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Should I uninstall McAfee before installing Avast?

This is a very common question asked by the internet and system users around the world who also use security software in order to keep their systems safe from all types of malware, spyware Trojans and viral attacks.  The answer to this confusion is yes the user needs to uninstall McAfee from the system if it is there before installing Avast. A user will never be able to get Avast antivirus installed on his or her system if some other software is already working on the system.  Also, the user gets to face a lot of issues if he or she tries to run more than one security software on the system at the same time. The various issues and errors that can occur in such a scenario are as follows – False detectionsSystem instability Sluggish running of the software as well as the system
Other then these a lot of other technical issues can also crop up eventually as both the software will work simultaneously towards the security of the system. Therefore it is advisable that the user gets McAfee unins…

How do I fix Avastui EXE application error?

Avastui.exe and many other EXE related errors are mostly related to issues with the Windows registry. Many different programs tend to share a single avastui.exe file but once these programs are programs are altered or uninstalled, what is left behind is a bunch of invalid EXE registries. This means that while the actual location of the file is now something else, the windows registry still has the incorrect location recorded in it. Thus, when windows try to look for file references, what it is actually searching is incorrect, as the location is not different, and this causes errors.  Additionally, malware infection tends to leave the registry entries that are linked to avastui corrupted, so the root to all problems is the invalid EXE registry entries. Only a professional expert for PC service should go ahead with manually editing windows registry the expert can be reached at Avast Helpline Number UK. If the windows registry is edited incorrectly, the registry will hinder the proper fu…