Monday, October 29, 2018

How to disable Avast pop up and notifications?

Avast antivirus is known for protecting the systems from a long time period of more than decades, this security providing software is very easy to use and operate but also is very advanced in terms of features and technologies. Therefore there are some features that the users are often seen unaware of or at times they fail to figure out the proper using criteria of the same features.
If in case you do not want Avast to disturb you with regular pop ups and notifications then all you need to do is disable the feature from the software. Here further we will discuss how one can get this pop up feature disabled –
1-      To disable voice messages –  go to settings then go to ‘’general ‘’ in the menu click ‘’ sounds’’ then uncheck ‘’use voice over sounds’’
2-      To avoid selected notifications – go to ‘’settings’’ click ‘’general ‘’ then from the menu click ‘’sounds’’ after that uncheck the notifications that you want to avoid.
3-      To avoid all sounds – In order to put your antivirus into complete silent mode all you need to do is go to ‘’settings ‘’ then click the option’’ general ‘’then click ‘’ sounds ‘’ from there uncheck ‘’Enable avast sounds.’’
If in case you still need any assistance over any issue or error related to Avast then connect at Avast support number UK. All the issues will be fixed easily.

Monday, October 8, 2018

What to do Avast free installation is stuck at 97 percent?

Avast is antivirus software that is preferred by many system users around the globe, it is very much appreciated for its technical set up and advanced features. The technical set up and advanced features further provide the users with the efficient performance of the software in terms of protection of the systems from various malware, spyware Trojans and other dangerous unwanted harmful elements.

But these same technologies and features sometimes do make it difficult for the users to understand and handle the software if somehow it gets stuck with some or the other technical error or issue. Avast antivirus though is seen creating more of issues mainly related to installation process.

If a user is not from a technical background or is not very sound with the knowledge of techniques then for that person the best option is to ask help from the team of trained experts sitting at the Avast help desk as and when he or she needs to start the installation process of the software. In order to get in direct touch with the technical team connect at Avast Support number UK.

However, if a person will give deep analysis and read this particular article carefully then also he or she will be able to get through the installation error. If in case it has got stuck at 97 percent then it is advisable that the person gets the antivirus removed from the system completely using the removal tool.

Forgetting the antivirus uninstalled using the removal tool the user should follow the given steps-
Download and run the Avast removal tool

Select the product to be uninstalled and click remove
Click Restart
Click run and complete the uninstalling
Restart the system

After completing the uninstalling process for getting the antivirus installed again one should follow the given steps –
1-      Get Avast downloaded from the official site
2-      Run the installation files in order to get the required files downloaded
3-      Select language, click ‘’next’’
4-      Accept the license agreement
5-      Get the free Avast license
6-      Wait for the installation process to complete
7-      Restart the system to get the installation process completed.

The above-given guidance will get the issue resolved for sure but if still, the user doesn’t get the problem resolved as per his or her need then he or she can easily connect to the Avast technical experts and ask for their help. The technicians are available at the user’s service day and night all the time. The user can reach up to whatever source he or she feels like they can be contacted through live chats or can be also contacted through emails.

It is advisable that the user gets the software fixed by genuine trained people as otherwise the antivirus may get stuck into some irreversible damage that will also further cause serious harm to the systems too. 

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Avast Antivirus Error Support Number

Avast is antivirus software that keeps the system safe from all types of malware spyware Trojans and many more such other threats that can harm the systems and the data stored in those systems. But for the efficient performance of the antivirus, it is necessary to keep them safe and sound as far as the technical aspects are concerned because if in case the software will not be installed or handled accurately then it will not be able to perform accordingly. For the same one should connect at Avast support number UK.