Monday, October 29, 2018

How to disable Avast pop up and notifications?

Avast antivirus is known for protecting the systems from a long time period of more than decades, this security providing software is very easy to use and operate but also is very advanced in terms of features and technologies. Therefore there are some features that the users are often seen unaware of or at times they fail to figure out the proper using criteria of the same features.
If in case you do not want Avast to disturb you with regular pop ups and notifications then all you need to do is disable the feature from the software. Here further we will discuss how one can get this pop up feature disabled –
1-      To disable voice messages –  go to settings then go to ‘’general ‘’ in the menu click ‘’ sounds’’ then uncheck ‘’use voice over sounds’’
2-      To avoid selected notifications – go to ‘’settings’’ click ‘’general ‘’ then from the menu click ‘’sounds’’ after that uncheck the notifications that you want to avoid.
3-      To avoid all sounds – In order to put your antivirus into complete silent mode all you need to do is go to ‘’settings ‘’ then click the option’’ general ‘’then click ‘’ sounds ‘’ from there uncheck ‘’Enable avast sounds.’’
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