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How to keep Android Phones secure from spies?

Your Smartphone has become more valuable than your keys, wallet and in a few cases, your actual laptop or computer when it comes to sensitive information. But there is a fact that we do not do more things to safeguard our devices beyond possibly making a four-digit passcode. It is actually essential that your Smartphone is safe for many reasons. It might be possible that you have to keep data on your phone and if your phone has stolen or lost then it would be lost.

In this blog, we will guide you with some tips which help to keep the Android Phone Secure from spies and Snooping Network as well.

Keep the Software Updated:
Whether you are running iPhone, Windows Phone or android we will always suggest you grab the latest version of the OS available. It can be difficult with Android updates often take few-time to go through the manufacturer and network testing but is well worth it. The reason, we suggest grabbing the advanced OS is because it comes with all the added security bonuses either it is clear bars of Android KitKat, but also because a lot of security loopholes will have been closed.

Use a SIM Card Lock:
A screen lock is ideal but won’t stop someone deleting the SIM card from your phone and using it on another phone. To safeguard this from happening, set up a SIM card lock in the form of a PIN number which will require to be entered when a phone is getting on to connect to a network.

Use a Screen Lock:
Many latest phones offer the ‘Pattern lock’ feature- a personalized shape or pattern which is drawn on the screen to grant permission to get access. But, make sure that the screen is constantly cleaned to avoid glitches. If your phone has been lost or stolen any finger traces can sometimes be seen and accessed on screen. Alternatively, a PIN code provides an alternative and also it saves time. Make your password difficult to crack but memorable for you. The best suggestion on creating secure and safe passwords is to take the starting letters of a line in a song, book or play, and to make a password from those letters.

Install Antivirus Software:
The most string and biggest threats which could see data leaked are less than the modest virus. The problem is not as common as on desktop computers and if you do not download suspect software chances are that within a 2-year contract you won’t come across anything malicious but still, there is a credible threat is available. The issue displays to be less dangerous for iPhones due to the strict apple controlling of the App store. The open-source nature of Android makes it a lot more vulnerable and malicious apps can be side-loaded on to the device without being checked by Google. For both cases, it is something that can be opposed via the use of mobile antivirus software. Such as Avast antivirus, it is the best security software that prevents your mobile from viruses, malware, and threats.

Internet Browsing:
It is advisable to be careful when going to access a web browser on your Smartphone’s as it can be easy to accept messages that prompt with the pop-up. For instance, agreeing to save the user details and passwords may make it convenient to remember for later, but unluckily others can do the same if they access your phone. If any security pop-up when looking at a website, take note of it and leave the website if required. Besides this, make sure any shopping and baking sites where you put in safe and secure information have a padlock in the address bar to assure that the site is encrypted.

Application Download Security:
Unluckily, enhance in malware linking to Smartphone’s has increased the need to be careful once downloading applications, and to pay attention to the requirements that any software needs when you install it. It can be quite easy to read anything in an effort to find the app up and running, but be aware of any demands to access different features of your phone, individually if the App is not trustworthy.

Well, these are a few things which you have to keep in mind for the safety and security of your Android phone. It is also advisable to do not offer your phone to anyone for payment.

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